Don’t Be Afraid to Rebrand Your Staffing Agency

In the small town I grew up in, there was a fast food joint called “Arctic Circle.” There were two locations, which was pretty crazy to me as an 8-year-old. I always wanted to go to Arctic Circle, but my Mom always shut me down (in retrospect: thanks, Mom). Eventually, both locations closed and my Arctic Circle dream died.

2086238755_35df753f82_oAbout 15 years later I was driving up the Oregon coast, and I saw it… Arctic Circle! The faded sign and familiar logo was enough for me to recognize it, but it certainly wasn’t enough to get me to stop. If they haven’t changed their brand in 15 years, what else haven’t they changed?

So what does my Fascinating Hamburger Journey have to do with your company? Well, if you are like a lot of other staffing agencies, your logo and brand hasn’t evolved since you first started. It probably worked back then when it was hanging on the wall of your office, so people knew when they were walking into the right place.

But now you have a website, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. You are going to trade shows and your logo is on all sorts of swag that may or may not be left in the hotel room at the end of the conference. Does your logo still actually work? Does your brand stand out enough to be remembered?

To be blunt — probably not. It’s not your fault — you’ve been busy rocking the staffing world and connecting clients with talent. But the marketplace is getting crowded and your logo, brand, or even your name may not be unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

facebook logoYou may have heard about Facebook recently tweaking its logo. Despite being only a decade old, Facebook has changed its logo and name multiple times. Remember when it was “The Facebook?”

Other huge brands such as Coca-Cola or Amazon have had major brand changes over the years to stay relevant. Just because the CEO created your logo on the back of a napkin in 1993 means that its still working 20 years later.

If your brand isn’t making an impression on someone when they come in contact with it, then it isn’t doing its job and you are losing customers.

Take it from the big companies who are constantly changing their logos and tweaking their brands – you need to change along with your audience. When its time to modernize your website so it works with today’s technology, don’t forget to modernize your brand so it works with today’s customers. No one wants to be the Arctic Circle of staffing agencies.

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