A Quick Tale: Your Users Are All Drunks, Help Them Navigate Your Site with SEO


A policeman sees a drunkard searching for something under a streetlight. The policeman asks what he is doing, and the blitzed fellow says he is looking for his keys. The policeman helps the man look for a few minutes but to no avail. The policeman finally asks the sloshy man if he’s sure the he dropped them there. The drunk replies “No, I dropped them back in the park, but the light’s better here.”

Ha. Send that one to the New Yorker! Variations on this joke are called the “streetlight effect” or the “drunkard’s search.” Other than being a real knee slapper, it’s also an example of an “observational bias” — the idea that someone will only search for something where they think it makes sense to find it.

If your users are the drunkard, and your homepage is the streetlight, then let’s make your main call-to-action their keys. For most staffing agencies, a user comes to your site to find a job, right? Once they know you are someone they want to work with, you need to put the keys in front of the drunk’s face, or else they may only stick around the streetlight. Sure, you can put the keys just outside the streetlight on it’s own page – but why not make it easy for the poor lush?Drunk Synonyms

Perhaps you are completely redesigning your site and you don’t even know where the drunk will be looking. This is where analytics play a part in herding your tipsy travelers into the light – using a service that gives you insight into your SEO and user behavior can see if your little boozy users are even looking for keys – perhaps they are looking for their wallet instead.

Treating your users as whimsical winos can give you better insight on how to design the user experience on your site. We’ve all been a little tipsy (or a lot tipsy, no judging here). But we can understand that loaded or not, we just want those keys under the streetlight, please.

Want help corralling all your little drunks into the right streetlights? Contact Staffing Robot today! Guaranteed sober!*

*Sober Guarantee only before 4 P.M. Pacific Standard Time. Cheers!

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