5 Ways Cheap Blogging Services Are Ripping You Off


Americans love a good deal, so much so that we often sacrifice quality. Whether it’s cheap clothes, food or furniture we’ll dive headfirst into any bargain bin. Ever thought about why we love IKEA so much?

But when does cheap become costly?

When we’re talking about cheap goods becoming costly, it can mean replacing an item five times, health issues or even the impact on the environment. When we think about services there seems to be less of an immediate impact even though we have that same impulse to sign up for the cheapest possible services out there.

In many ways, inexpensive services can still become costly for your business. Blogging is a great example. Thanks to the Internet, anyone can be a writer. Websites and how-to articles out there convince anyone that they can be a writer and everyone that blogging should be cheap.

If you’re thinking about paying a few dollars for a blog post or you’re already paying for inexpensive posts, here are 5 ways you might still be getting ripped off.

  1. If it’s cheap, it has likely been circulated elsewhere. Why pay (even dollars) for a blog post that someone else is claiming they wrote?
  2. When blogging is cheap there often isn’t back-and-forth with a writer in the creation of the blog post. Do you know where the content and photos came from? Copyright and fair use law fines can become costly (we’ve seen it happen).
  3. If you’re expecting good customer service from a blogger you paid pennies to — think again. It will be your time (and money) wasted.
  4. The credibility of your brand can be affected. You’ve read articles online that you know aren’t reputable so why share these kinds of blog posts on your company’s site?
  5.  It all adds up in the end. The posts might be individually cheap but over time the cost adds up and your end product isn’t original or thoughtful. You’re left having to commit a ‘bang-bang‘ (double dinner) and pay for another blogging service.

If you don’t enjoy frozen vegetables and potatoes slapped on a plate from an ice cream scoop it might be time to move on and pay a writer to produce professional, shareable blog posts that aren’t a waste of your time and money.

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