4 Tips For Attracting Passive Candidates

Three-quarters of the fully-employed workforce around the world consider themselves passive candidates, according to LinkedIn.

Of that population 45% of these people are open to talking to a recruiter, and only 15% are completely satisfied and wouldn’t move into a new position.

This employed workforce is highly desirable and nearly half of of them are willing to talk to you! Are you engaging with them?


We recently blogged about the need to target passive candidates and now we have tips!

1. Create blog content for your passive audience.

Job seeker tips, infographics about unhappiness in the workplace, and job market insights are helpful for people not actively looking because it’s content they care about no matter their work status. If all of your content is for clients or consultants, you’re forgetting about nearly half of the people the in the workforce.

2. Give passive candidates a look at your company culture.

Better work/life balance comes in second in LinkedIn‘s list of reasons why passive candidates consider a new position. If your workplace has good balance, be transparent. If your company vibes are on the radar of a passive candidate, they’ll remember when the time comes to make the switch.

3. Engage with them on social media. 

Engaging with active candidates, consultants, and clients is fairly straightforward. Passive candidates not so much. Who are they and where do you find them? It will take some investigating and research. Really. A job posting to your social media account isn’t going to attract passive job seekers (and it also doesn’t help you get to know them). Your involvement in the topics, organizations and conversations that they care about will.

4. Create a newsletter.  

You already have content focused on the less active job seeker, now create a newsletter. An email blast is a great way to recap any missed content and offer a peek at open positions. Don’t just list of job positions though – find a creative way to market the position whether through location, benefits, or company and provide the user additional content to accompany the listing.

If you’d like to learn more about newsletters, social media, and blogging send us a message! We can help your company target any audience! 

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2 thoughts on “4 Tips For Attracting Passive Candidates

  1. It is important for recruiters to not overlook passive candidates as they may be some of the best workers. The ability to be transparent and engage with them online can go a long way. What are some of your best methods to attract passive job seekers?


    • Probably the most effective would be to interact with them on social media. A good place to start is sharing content that is useful for them such as job seeker tips or workplace related stories.

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