When it Comes to Content on Your Staffing Website, Less is More


When you pay someone to redesign your company’s staffing agency website, they probably give you the option to create the content for your site as well. So, if you are paying for it, you should try and get the most for your money, right? Not necessarily.

Here at Staffing Robot we believe in the practice of “content leading design,” meaning that the central message of your website should be clear, which in turn influences the design of your site.

Let’s say you have a staffing agency that had a website made in 2010. It had all the things you think you needed in a staffing website back then; stock photos of smiling nurses, three paragraphs of text explaining locum tenens and a bulleted list of your top 20 core values. Your website is full of content, so you can just copy and paste the old stuff into your slick new responsive website, right?

Wrong! Content and design are two parts of a whole; you can’t change one without it affecting the other. Our language influences our behavior, and it’s the same story on a website. Imagine you have a new beautiful, dynamic design for your homepage, but the headline says this:

“Our Medical Staffing Agency Performs Strategic Industry Decisions Based Upon Our Client and Candidate Needs”

That headline may be technically true, but it doesn’t give anyone a reason to stick around and learn more. Even if your design draws them in, the headline fails to tell a compelling story about your agency. The rest of your site’s great design is now wasted because you’ve lost your customer: they fell asleep at the headline.

“We’re Picky.”

That’s a headline we used on the redesign of Fusion Medical Staffing. Paired with a great design, this grabs the user immediately and guides them deeper into what makes your staffing agency different. It is a simple message, but once the designer understood what was being said, they made it big, bold and central to the design.

“We’re Picky” is short and sweet, but there is a lot of pathos behind them and it makes you want to know more. You can imagine someone saying that in a conversation about their agency. Inversely, if “We’re Picky” was used in a design that didn’t highlight it, the message would get lost.

When thinking about refreshing your agency’s website, don’t slack off on creating new content. Stuff that may have worked five years ago may be a little wordy or bloated in a slick new design. If you built a brand new house,  you probably wouldn’t take the carpet and furniture from the old place and “make it work” in the new one.

Ernest Hemingway supposedly wrote the shortest story of all time when he jotted six words on a napkin: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” The story may be apocryphal, but it does highlight a central concept in content and design: sometimes less is more.

Need help trimming the fat in your content? Contact Staffing Robot to see if we can help!

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