The Hathaway Man: What’s Your Staffing Companies’ Point of Difference?

It’s 1951 and you are having a mid-morning bourbon break after an exhausting meeting in the penthouse of The Roosevelt. You open your copy of The New York Times and see this:


What strikes you about this advertisement? Is it the copy? The quality of the photo? What about the shirt it is selling? All of these things are compelling, but they aren’t the reason you didn’t immediately flip the page.

It’s the eyepatch, right?

This classic ad for Hathaway shirts is a famously spur-of-the-moment decision by David Ogilvy, and it made him and Hathaway famous. The ad was turning out to be a standard “model wearing a shirt” until Ogilvy decided to try a few with the eyepatch, just to see how it worked. This moment of inspiration became this ad’s Point of Difference — it stood out from the crowd and reaped the profits by being distinctive.

When you look at your staffing company, what is your point of difference? If you can easily find it in your competition but are struggling to see yours, it may be time to refresh your brand. Your customers are looking for something distinctive when they come to your site, and if you don’t immediately make them stop and think about your company, you may be losing them.

The important thing about the Hathaway Man is that the shirt pictured wasn’t revolutionary. There were probably a lot of comparable shirts at the time that would’ve worked just as well. However, the man with the eyepatch told a story and made Hathway stick in the mind of buyers. And once they bought a Hathaway shirt and found them to be quality, they were probably customers for life.

So when a client or candidate visits five staffing sites and yours is one of them, what will stick with them about your company after they close their laptop?

What do you think, does your staffing company need the equivalent of a man with an eyepatch? Put down that Manhattan and Contact Staffing Robot, we can help!


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