The Secret to Hiring Top Talent is Making it Easy

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“Millennials are lazy.” “Millennials have a short attention span.” “Millennials are spoiled.”

All so very true … of any generation. But if you’re looking to add a high performing 20- or 30-something into your workforce you’ve got to make it easy for them to get a hold of you.

Why? Because the top people you want to work with at your staffing company are busy. And yes, possibly they have a short attention span.

Think of finding top talent in 2015 the way most people actually date. If the other person is playing hard to get for too long, it usually doesn’t work out.

How can you show top talent you’re interested in them without looking like a floozy and opening the flood gates to under qualified candidates?

One way is the Apply With LinkedIn feature. It’s a feature that lets you apply for jobs with LinkedIn (similar functionality exists for Monster, Indeed, and more).  You’ve likely seen it around. And it’s super easy.

BUT THERE’S MORE! In addition to applying for jobs with a LinkedIn profile, we’ve now built a little feature that lets candidates view jobs that match their skills based on their LinkedIn profile — displaying jobs relevant to them in one click, without further filtering. TOO EASY.

This can be built into any ATS, like we did here for our pals over at erecruit.

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Want to make applying super easy for top talent? Contact us today by filling out this form and we’ll tell you more about this job-matching-apply-with-LinkedIn feature your staffing company needed yesterday!


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