The First Step in Your Staffing Companies’ Video Content Empire


In our content strategy world, conversation in 2015 has been dominated by Video Content Marketing. There are a lot of great blogs (like this one!) that are telling you that this is the year to include video in your content plan.

So, have you found yourself reading more about video than actually making any of it? It makes sense. Video has a higher entry barrier than something like a blog post. There’s the equipment, the setting, the talent, the editing, the hosting…

Wait! Don’t freak out… because all of that is a lot easier after taking the first step: planning.

Once you get a plan about where video works on your site, the rest is the fun stuff. Let’s look at a few areas that you can fit video into your content strategy.

Your Services Pages

We recently talked about explainer videos, which can be a great way to bring a potential customer up to speed on your business. A clear, concise video about who you are and what you do can convert more people into being customers.

Speaking of customers, filmed testimonials from current clients or candidates can feel more authentic and exciting than a canned text blurb — as long as you choose someone that reflects those qualities on screen. Choosing someone who is excited about your company will not only keep people watching, it will make you look good, too.

Your Company Culture

Your company isn’t a cubicle farm run by boring automatons with no personality, is it? If it isn’t, a video is a great way to tell the story of your company and the people behind it. The more someone feels an emotional connection to your company, the more likely they will choose you over others.

Social Media

As we talked about above, video requires more resources than a piece of written content. Luckily, we all have miniature video production units right in our pockets! Apps like Instagram Video and Vine are a great entry into using video — all the equipment you need is right there on your phone. Reach out to whoever runs your social media — you probably have an untapped video resource already in the office.

Once you start thinking of video as an essential part of your content strategy and you plan a few videos, it won’t feel as scary. Remember, you don’t have to be Scorcese right out of the gate — you’ll be able to experiment with your videos and see what works and what doesn’t. The important thing is taking that first step.

We’ll be going through the next steps in upcoming posts, but in the meantime if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below.

Not into DIY? Contact Staffing Robot to see if we can help!

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