Meet Staffing Robot’s Newest Project Manager – Tara Hagman


We have another Robot, folks! She’s not super new she just took forever to write her questions down! Meet Tara, our newish project manager! You may be working with her soon.

Tell us about your background in project management!

I’ve worked in support, account management, operations management, and team management within manufacturing, software, and creative industries for the majority of my career. I figured I should add another kind of management to my repertoire, so here I am! Seriously though, project management was a natural progression for me. I have years of experience (no one needs to do the math) planning, defining processes, organizing and motivating people, defining priorities and goals, and balancing resources, business needs, schedules, and client needs.

What do you love most about project management?

This is going to sound trite, but I sincerely love facilitating the success of others. I’ve always been the wind, never the wings. It’s kind of my niche and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m also a natural puzzle solver and master Ikea assembler (no instructions = no problem!). Project management provides the opportunity for me to combine a passion and a skill. I get to translate someone else’s ideas or needs into actionable requirements and then collaborate with a team of people smarter than me to create something they are proud of and that our client loves.

Worst job you ever had growing up?

Does picking rocks out of our side yard so that my dad could turn it into a garden count? I think I got a penny a rock or something. The worst part was when my friends would ride by on their bikes laughing and having a great time while my hands got dirty and my bucket heavy. Every “real” job I had growing up had aspects that were less than grand, but I can’t say that I had one that was all-around bad. Opening up at the gas station at 5am, then going to high school all day, and then back to the gas station to work until close (and repeat) may have made me cry out of exhaustion once or twice, and working in the snack bar in middle school was humiliating humbling, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Favorite thing(s) to do outside of work?Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

I’m supposed to do something outside of work?! Weird. It actually took me a while to learn this. When I did, I discovered aerial/circus arts and am currently obsessed with aerial silks. I hate working out and have accepted that I will never be graceful, but aerial is seriously fun and fulfilling in so many ways. I love how challenging it is, both physically and mentally. It’s also the only thing I’ve ever found that I can do and literally have nothing else going on in my head. It’s a mental reset and a confidence boost. I highly recommend it to everyone! I also love getting lost in Powell’s, cooking/eating, photography, and long walks in the woods.


Best part of living in Portland?

The rain. For real. The smell, the sound, the ridiculous traffic issues it causes (how can you not laugh at the fact that those little drops contain magic “I forgot how to drive” potion), the sidewalk cleansing, the greenness it leaves us to remember it by… okay, so the chill in my bones isn’t always super awesome, but not much else makes me want to curl up in front of a fire or snuggle into my blankets quite like the rain in Portland. It just feels like home. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Oregon, but I love the rain the most. The plethora of yummy places to eat, fun venues for live music, interesting people, and it’s proximity to the mountains and the sea are all pretty high up on my list too.

Do you have any pets? kids? plants?

I’m recently pet-less, for the first time in my life. Which basically means it’s not as obvious when I don’t vacuum for days now (stretching for positives here). No kids, but I have 11 godchildren, a nephew, and a niece. So, I get to have all the fun with a bunch of amazing kids! Someday all the plants that have perished in my care will rise up and take me down with them. I think the moral of the answer to this question is that if it has a brain it might be able to make it in my care, but if it’s relying on me for everything, someone needs to rescue it as soon as possible.

Favorite thing about working for Staffing Robot so far?

Gosh, where does one even begin? Staffing Robot is full of AWESOME! Everyone here is seriously smart, creative, funny, and all around good humans (even if Jason has something against letting the pigeons inside). It is great to work at a company where everyone is honestly committed to quality and creativity. We’re all invested in each other’s success and moving through our days cohesively. Awww, now I’m getting mushy! I meant to say the music, definitely the music! There is always music playing and every day I’m introduced to new good tunes. I mean, who doesn’t love DragonForce….

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