Meet Bill, Staffing Robot’s new Customer Experience Manager!


Bill has joined Staffing Robot to become our ultimate Customer Experience Manager! Bill is here to make sure the website you get from us is working like a champ — from development QA to launch. If you ever have a question about your website or Jobbee integration – Bill will be the one you’ll be talking to. Take it away, Bill!

Tell us a little about the different clients and industries you’ve worked with.

I started in support in the late 90’s handling internal support requests and customer issues for a larger internet company. In the last 20 years, I’ve worked as customer-facing and internal support for a variety of industries. My major support roles have included supporting long distance and international freight companies, music publishing and distribution and, most recently, eBook publishing and distribution. I have maintained a QA role in most of these positions, but most notably in the publishing and distribution world. It’s been a multi-layered tapestry for sure; but I’ve gained a lot of experience over the years and I think being in a variety of “niche” industries has made me more adaptable to each client’s individual needs.

What do you love most about working in client support?

As cliché as this will definitely sound; I just never get sick of helping people accomplish things. One of the reasons I was so active in the publishing/distribution arena was the prospect of helping clients achieve something they might have initially thought impossible. There is a definite satisfaction associated with giving someone the guidance and or the support to meet their personal or professional goals. Also, I love doing QA work as it affords me an opportunity to help a client before they even know it. Like Batman. Yes, just like Batman…

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

I spend the majority of time adventuring with my fiancée. One thing that rules about Oregon is that no matter which direction you drive, there’s something beautiful and awe-inspiring to see. I also play music (like 99% of Portlanders) and have been in the same band for 15 years. I am a crazy NASA fanatic, as well (I even have NASA related tattoos). If you ever need to kill a few hours and want to hear a giant man get giddy as a schoolboy just ask me about the Apollo missions or my thoughts on the future of manned spaceflight. I dare you!


What’s the best part of living in Portland?

I love Portland for the same reasons the rest of the world does; great food, unique people, great music, etc. But truthfully, the best thing that you don’t hear enough is the sense of community. We have a real awesome communal aspect here in Portland. I moved here years ago when there wasn’t much except the lumberjacks and some rad bands (Poison Idea, The Wipers, Sado-Nation for example) and ever since then I’ve been a Portlander. Not just an Oregonian — although both are awesome things to be.

Do you have any pets? kids? Plants?

No pets or kids yet! I do have plants though. Two succulents and a fern. The fern is called “Vern”, the more cactus-like succulent is “Bruce Banner” and the more berry-like one is “Berry White”. Yes, I named the plants. I have a lot of free time.

Do you have any heroes?

John W. Young is my hero. Didn’t even have to think about it. He’s an astronaut and you’ve probably never heard of him, which is a shame. He started in the Gemini program and flew every spacecraft that NASA built, with the exception of the Mercury-Redstone rocket. He snuck a corned beef sandwich into space, drove the lunar rover on the moon so fast that it was only making contact with the surface on two of the four wheels, he cursed on the moon and he flew the first manned flight in the space shuttle (STS-1 with Bob Crippen). Oh, and he is the fastest human being to ever live; when he was by himself in the command module on Apollo 10 he was traveling over 25,000 m.p.h. Dude is amazing. Also, my mom. In case she reads this.

Favorite thing about working for Staffing Robot so far?

My co-workers are awesome. It’s crazy to be on a team that’s populated with people who are not only creative and fun, but also at the top of their respective fields. There’s a lot to love about working here!

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