Infographic: The Steps to Building A Website

“Work your magic!” is something we hear often in our business.

If we smile awkwardly it’s a little bit because we’re humble (believe it or not) but mostly because this statement downplays an entirely complex process.

We get it — it can seem magical, especially if you don’t have a background in website design, HTML or CSS. If we’re building you a website or performing one of our many online services, you probably don’t really know just what we’re up to.

When we found this infographic from sitepoint we knew it was something we needed to share with you. Our process differs slightly but all in all this infographic shows the many steps it takes to build a website.

And there are a lot … more than our project managers and account managers care to remember.

When it seems less magical and you have a better understanding of what we’re actually doing — we can better meet your expectations.

If you plan on working with us, study up! Or share this with anyone who might be about to sign a check for a new website.


Still there? OK good. Call us today at 866.991.1849 and we can start a process similar to this! Give us a little more by filling out our assessment and we’ll get right back to you!

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