In Good Company: Bringing Your Dog to Work is Good For You

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Have you been bummed out at work a lot? It might be your job. You might hate your job. Or you might just be stressed out.

If it’s just stress and you’re not on the verge of a catastrophic meltdown, we may have an alternative solution for you.

Throw the pup in the car and tell your boss what’s up! Bringing your dog to work is good for you – and your coworker relationships too.

Dogs in the workplace can lead to more trust between coworkers, resulting in greater collaboration, according to a study by Fast Company.

In addition to trust, a 2012 Virginia Commonwealth University study found that employees who bring their pooches to work experienced a decline in stress levels of 11% and those who didn’t have a dog nearby had stress level rise to 70% by the end of the day.

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Photo by Martz90.

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