Is the Backend of Your Website Frustrating? Try WordPress


Your website is your online store front that showcases your brand and company. You should have as much control of your site as any other aspect of your business. We know it’s very likely you would love to change a lot about your website but it’s also very likely that logging into your website is frustrating.

We know this because a lot of people have told us this. We hear about custom content management systems (CMS) that don’t even work. We hear about web masters who won’t answer emails, even when you just want to fix a typo or change an applicant form.

We have a solution for you even if it means plugging another company. We’re super OK with this because it means you’ll have way more control over your online presence.

Your answer is WordPress.

You’ve probably heard of bloggers using this platform for personal blogs but more and more businesses are using WordPress too.

Why WordPress though? 

It’s user friendly

You don’t have to have an extensive knowledge of HTML and you probably have someone within your company that already knows WordPress.

You can completely customize your site

Don’t love templates? Good. We don’t either. All of our sites are completely custom. They begin in Photoshop but end in WordPress, so that our clients have the ability to manage their own site if they choose.

It grows with you

Even though we use WordPress for the backend of the website, it’s completely customizable. When we build websites for staffing companies the backend is custom to the company’s needs and wants but retains the WordPress structure.

WordPress powers 23% of the internet

50,000 new sites are built daily. Jump on the bandwagon with this one, there’s a reason why so many people use the platform.

Want to refresh your site and get to know WordPress better? You may want to learn more about our website design services and some of our products such as Jobee. Jobbee is a WordPress plugin that integrates with Bullhorn as well as most other ATS’s. For more information about Jobbee, Website Design and our other services please Contact Staffing Robot today!

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