New Logos and Branding by Staffing Robot

Sometimes we have to be the “What Not to Wear” of the website design world (I like to think of myself as Clinton Kelly.).

That’s why sometimes we are snarky.

In the end oversized and outdated sweaters and smocks have got to go! We love rebranding and designing new logos and that’s because we’re not only giving staffing companies fresh, updated looks — we’re creating styles that are current and eye catching!

We want to share with you some of the new branding and logos we’ve designed recently! Check them out and let us know what you think.



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2 thoughts on “New Logos and Branding by Staffing Robot

  1. Eye catching! Flat design and specialty font seem to be the order of the day! Do you have a philosophy behind that or is it simply catering to current trend?

    • Hey Rachel, great question! A great brand has to be pretty versatile these days. It gets used in so many mediums: your website, social, printed materials, signage, etc. The easiest way to make sure that your logo won’t disintegrate is to make the shapes and colors scale well. This can translate to flat color and basic shapes. Some brands will have a more developed logo for special uses, but the flat version tends to work best across the board.

      It’s definitely become more trendy, as flat design is used on the web more. Responsive design has a little to do with that (the need for elements that scale well without having large or incompatible file sizes).

      As for specialty fonts, I’d say that comes from brands trying to set themselves apart. Adding a familiar, yet unique, font to your brand can totally elevate it. Not to say that traditional fonts are bad if used in the right way. There’s just so many fonts out there, why limit yourself?

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