Staffing Robot’s New Rating System is Making it Rain Feedback

Last year Staffing Industry Analysts, came to us with a challenge. They wanted to increase the amount of feedback they were getting from their conference sessions.

SIA has tried several solutions for gathering feedback over the years — paper surveys, texting, print cards, emails, and more — but no approach really gave them the amount of feedback they were looking for. So, when they hit us up with this challenge we accepted!

After brainstorming and research we came up with a solution — our very own conference rating system!

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The conference rating system allows the SIA to add their sessions for each conference and get feedback in real time as attendees leave the sessions.

With a quick touch on a smiley face, attendees can indicate how well they liked the session: Bad, Fair, OK, Good, Excellent!

For the SIA, we used an iPad but any touchscreen panel will work with this feedback tool. It’s simple and quick. And it worked. It rained feedback.

People were willing to participate: In the very first conference we rolled the rating system out at — the SIA received over 900 inputs of feedback.

If you’ve ever tried to get any kind of feedback from people, you know this number is nuts!


Once we compiled the data from attendees it was time to present the data to SIA. Instead of an Excel sheet or batches and batches of numbers in a document, we designed easy to understand graphs, so that in a glance, SIA could see the results, and then analyze the results further.


When the SIA received 900 inputs of feed back from a recent conference — we were sort of surprised — but not really. In general, no one likes giving feedback unless, it’s super easy. We knew if we designed something that was easier to use, people would be more willing to give feedback. We know this because — Hively.

We see the purpose of design as being an outlet to solve problems and we were confident we could give the SIA a solution. This feedback tool is a great example of the way we approach things here at Staffing Robot. We’re confident we can solve any challenge with good design.

Look for this feedback tool at the next SIA conference. You’ll be able to rate your sessions with just a tap of your finger. Feedback can be fun again. And sometimes there’re prizes!

If you’re planning a conference or an event and you’d like a feedback tool similar to this built, get a hold of Staffing Robot by filling out our contact form or calling 866.991.1849.

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