4 Ways to Make Clients Fall in Love With Your Recruiting Process

Hug it out no more resumes-

Looking to grow your staffing company in 2015? Ah yes, of course you are.

It’s the same old game of scoring the big clients and convincing the small companies the value of staffing. Except it’s changed a bit.

Your potential clients have heard that sales pitch about how your recruiting process is the most state-of-the-art and unique process on the market by every staffing company that approaches them.

Now you can show clients your process and let them in on your strategy with our product, Jobbee Talent Finder. Think of Talent Finder as being like an online dating site. Your clients will fall in love with your process AND the act of selecting candidates is almost exactly like choosing who they’ll go on a date with.

Show (Don’t Tell) Clients You Have A Killer Recruiting Process

Once you’ve convinced a client you’ve got an amazing process for finding top talent, back that up by sending over easy to view profiles of your candidates. You did all of the work, now make it look professional. And make it easy on them.

That giant email with a billion attachments —that you spent hours of time on — it’s going right into the trash can.

  • Slick Features

With Jobbee Talent Finder you can send clients a quick email saying, “Hey there, I found a few candidates I think you’ll love. Let me know what you think,” and provide a link to the client’s customized candidate recommendations, which can be private or public. These candidate recommendations are just like dating profiles on a site like OKCupid or Match.com. You’re sending the candidates who you think you’re clients will love the most.


Once they click on the link, what they see is a neatly, and professionally curated list of recommendations.

Once your staffing company has sent profiles to clients, they can give you simple, one-click feedback and comments on each candidate, letting you know if they want to interview, hire or pass on a client.

Later on you can even request performance reviews after they’ve worked with candidates. Remember Hot or Not? It’s sort of like that, except clients rate candidates on skills and not looks. Slick, huh?


Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.49.44 AM


Make Clients Fall in Love With Your Process Because It Saves Them Time


You’re already saving your clients time by presenting them with only the best talent but take it one step further by saving them time in the selection process.

  • Paperless Recruiting

With Jobbee Talent Finder, clients will love you forever because now they don’t have to look at resumes!

Or read lengthy profiles and then send a lengthy email back to you about their preferences or what each candidate should improve on before hire.

  • Prepared Candidates

As you know, when candidates show up to their first day prepared, you save your clients a lot of time and money.

When you’ve coached the candidate ahead of time, the client won’t have to reach out to you and start the whole process over again when the candidate doesn’t perform.

  • Completely Mobile

Because Talent Finder is completely mobile, clients can view candidates from anywhere, whenever they want. You won’t have to worry that employers won’t be able to download a document or file.


Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.55.54 AM


Once the candidate profiles are created your recruiters will save a lot of time too.

Time recruiters were spending composing super long emails can now be spent on leads and coaching your candidates so they can be top-notch performers for your clients (and you can coach them based off of ratings from Jobbee Talent Finder!).


A More Attractive and Visual Process Can Increase Your Chances of Making Placements


You can probably agree that the process of sifting through resumes and back-and-forth email correspondence is the least arousing aspect of recruiting and staffing.

  • Clients Will WANT To Use Talent Finder

Implementing Jobbee Talent Finder into you process can make this aspect of staffing … more attractive, might I add … “sexy”? (FYI: I use this word VERY sparingly in my writing.)

The Talent Finder platform is interactive and easy. It’s more visual. Decisions can be made with one click. It’s better than a dating site because the clients won’t have to vet talent on their own, you do it for them!

These are all aspects of the platform that your clients will love. It’s sooo much easier to get your way when someone’s got bedroom eyes for you.

And when your clients are in love (with your process), you’re way more likely to make placements. They’re more like to work with you instead of that other staffing company.




Show Candidates Why They Should Work With YOU And Not Another Staffing Company


When a high-quality candidate shows up at YOUR door and wants to work for YOU, that’s when you know you actually have a unique recruiting process.

Similar to employers, it can challenging to convince talented job seekers the value of a staffing company.

  • Create Trust With Potential Candidates

When that job seeker goes to your website and sees other candidates displayed on your site, it’s representation in the truest form and they’ll see the value of working with you.




You can say you have their back and you can find them a job but when they see how you represent other candidates through Jobbee Talent Finder, they’ll know you’re telling the truth.

They’ll see you actually do believe in your candidates enough to display them on your website. And we all know this can lead to increased placements.

This year, instead of hiring a graphic designer to illustrate your unique recruiting process in a flashy diagram, let your clients actually be a part of your exclusive process. It’s not all about the clients though; market your staffing company to top talent and show them why they should work with your recruiters.

Want to learn more about Jobbee Talent Finder? We can brand and customize a platform just for you. Contact us today!

Photo a derivative of “First We Hug” by valeriebb used under CC BY. Licensed under CC BY by Staffing Robot.

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3 thoughts on “4 Ways to Make Clients Fall in Love With Your Recruiting Process

  1. People hire staffing agencies because they want someone else to do the heavy lifting! Your process should be as streamlined as possible to give your clients exactly what they need when they need it. If you make things more complicated for them don’t expect them to keep you around for long.

    • We couldn’t agree more, Tom! That’s the reason we created Talent Finder. We want to help staffing agencies have the most streamlined processes in the industry.

  2. As a staffing firm, it’s your job to make the process as easy for clients as possible. This tool has lots of great features. Big plus that it’s mobile friendly too.

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