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When it comes to LinkedIn if you are like most recruiters, you understand the value of this powerful recruiting tool but if you’re a job seeker, LinkedIn might just seem like another annoying social media platform to manage. LinkedIn reports a total user base of 300,000,000 worldwide and most are actually using it. It’s time to learn how to do use it right or be left behind.

After seeing Search Engine Journal’s infographic it reminded me of many of the rules to LinkedIn I often share with others.

First let me say: yes, the premium account is worth it.
It makes you more accessible and is the only way you can see all the people viewing your profile (these two features are key in job searching). It also comes with more introductions and some InMail. The point of LinkedIn is to network. Why bother if no one can see you and you can’t see them?

  1. Make sure you profile is filled out completely and correctly. This may seem like common sense but so many people don’t have complete LinkedIn profiles.  Also, profile formats change once in awhile so it is good to go back every so often and click “edit” to ensure new fields haven’t been added.
  2. Move your Summary section to the top. Next your name it already lists your job title and your last few jobs so although the experience section is important — it is redundant to have it first.
  3. “Odd and Ends” that make all the difference, these may seem insignificant but like painting the trim on your house, they can make all the difference especially when combined:
    • Be sure to “link” to any present or past companies for which you have worked. Over half of connections on LinkedIn are from past employment.
    • Customize your URL. There is an option to do this under your profile picture in the Contact section.
    • Please make sure your profile is public. You may get more spam, so what. Just don’t read it. Private profiles come across as if the person is too good for just anyone to see. Do you go to that networking luncheon and refuse to give out your whole name, you would seem creepy and people would wonder why you are even there. Don’t be that creepy, snobby guy.
    • There are places to put URLs and links to your blogs, websites, online portfolios, etc. USE THEM. If you blog for you company, you should be able to link to a page of all your blogs. This is a great way to establish yourself as expert and drive traffic to where you want it.
  4. BE SOCIAL. No matter how professional LinkedIn is, it is still SOCIAL media. Use it, post cool articles maybe even add a couple of your own thoughts on the article and endorse people. Just get on there and do something. Except posting pictures of your dinner or your cat. Don’t do that.
  5. PUT UP A PROFILE PICTURE (Yes, the caps were necessary!). I saved the most important for last. Seriously, I have said this before — stop inviting people to network over coffee with a bag over your head. In “real life” if someone started watching you, following you around, talking to you, asking you to do things with a bag over their head — you would call the cops! Well, LinkedIn is “real life,” so knock it off. I have seen some very interesting choices in my day, so for now stick with a head shot like you would put on a business card. We will leave how to be creative for the next blog.

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Brown paper bag with happy smiley over head” by Wikimedia Commons is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


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