Totino’s Pizza and Unconventional Content: Bad Stock Photos Remastered


If you follow our blog you know how we feel about stock photos: there’s a time and a place for stock photos. And there ARE good stock photos available on the web. And you’ve probably noticed how much we like to rip on bad stock photos.

We try to be helpful too though! We’ve shared excellent sources for beautifully photographed and timely stock photos.

So, you can imagine the excitement when we recently came across a Totino’s Pizza blog post where the company used photos from Buzzfeed’s 50 Unusable Stock Photos article. “We obviously had no choice but to use them. Poorly,” Totino’s said on its website.

Here are some takeways from Totino’s masterful Photoshop work:

  • We love how Totino’s found a creative way to share the company’s personality with followers through unconventional content.
  • It’s a great reminder that stock photography can be taken out of context quite quickly. And how silly most stock photos are.
  • Totino’s Pizza took a style of imagery we see every day (and just accept), and made fun of it. We dig it.

If any of the stock photos on your website appear in Totino’s blog post, we can help! Contact Staffing Robot with help on all aspects of content, including imagery. 

Photo via Totino’s Pizza blog



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