Responsive Web Design is Not a Fad, It’s Great for SEO


In order for candidates and clients to find your website, you need to come up in Google searches. Seems easy enough, right?  Well not exactly. SEO and Google’s rules are always changing. But there is hope! It can be slightly easier if you have a responsive website.

It’s not just a fad!

Design fads like splash pages, intro animations, and crazy interactive effects fell out of style in web design because they weren’t functional. Responsive website is functional … like the Body By Jake Tower 200.

Responsive design means the website is designed to move to fit any device, so you don’t need multiple pages with varying content, and the best part is you won’t need a mobile app!


OK, so responsive website design is functional. But why does Google love it so much? According to, Google has suggested that websites be responsive and that’s more than enough to jump on that design bandwagon. Basically, they’ll give you more search engine juice if you just do what they say.

Google’s ultimate goal is a great user experience because without users, they really don’t have a lot going for them.

SEONick describes it best:

This is less work for Googlebot, as there is no requirements for them to crawl and index separate versions of the same site. Making it easy for search engines to analyze a website’s content increases the likelihood that it will be ranked higher in search results – thus achieving the objective of SEO.

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