5 SEO Trends for Your Staffing Company’s Website in 2015

There’s an SEO Ryan Gosling Tumblr, you guys. Here’s to hoping it gets updated in 2015. Until then, we’ve got some SEO trends for your staffing company’s website via the folks over at SitePoint.

According to SitePoint, these are the top five trends for SEO in 2015. 

1. Semantic Search

Hummingbird’s overhaul of the algorithm in 2013 was based on semantic search. What’s a semantic search? “Semantics is a sub-discipline of linguistics that focuses on the study of meaning,” according to SitePoint. Semantic searches attempt to figure out the searcher’s intent.

Nathan, our SEO dude explains semantic searches:

Say someone searches for “Cruise photo”.  Are they looking for a photo of Tom Cruise or photos from cruise vacations?  Semantic search takes several things into account, including the order of words, the way words are grouped together, and (although this hasn’t been officially documented by Google) other recent searches.
So, if the last search I did was for “scientology” or “Oprah couch jumping”, I probably mean Tom Cruise.
Because semantic searches will be a big deal in 2015, your keyword research should identify both long-tail keywords and LSI keywords.

2. Mobile Search Optimization

43% of Americans use mobile devices as their primary search tool (Mobile Marketing Association) so if your website isn’t coming up as mobile-friendly in searches, you will definitely be falling behind in 2015.

3. The Death of Social Signals

It was once believed that social signals (tweets, shares, +1s) impact search rankings. Not so much anymore. What should companies do then? Do social media within the larger context of a content marketing strategy. 2015 might be the death of social signals, but it definitely won’t be the death of content marketing.


4. Increased Importance of Earned Links

Earned media is when others share your content or talk about your brand. Paying for links and getting penalized is SO not cool. And SO not 2015.

5. Brand Mentions and Citations

A citation is a mention of your business name, address and phone number or anything of the sort on a website other than your own.  A co-citation is when it appears with other businesses like yours. Both of these kinds of citations will be key in 2015.

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