Staffing Robot 2014 End-Of-Year ICYMI

This past year, Staffing Robot experienced tremendous growth and put in a lot of hard work. 2014 also brought about changes in social media platforms and the way in which candidates search for jobs, and so much more that will change the staffing industry.

Check out our 2014 year-in-review, you may have missed something!

We built a bunch of websites! Which means we consumed untraceable amounts of coffee, thousands of energy bars, and half as many burritos. Just to name a few: Cell Staff, Shiftwise, AZ Tech Finders, Renoir Staffing, ProHealth Tech Creative, MedixSyllogisTeks, EdgeLink, APR Consulting, MSN Healthcare

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And we built some platforms too! 

We created Talent Finder, to give you your very own online staffing platform. With Talent Finder, staffing companies can compete with other online staffing offerings by enabling clients to review more dynamic candidates before point of contact. Read the blog post.

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 Ask Us Anything!

It’s not true what they say. Advice from Staffing Robot is free with our Q & A platform. We created this platform called Ask Us Anything in 2014 to answer questions related to website design, social media, content strategy, branding, SEO, and more. Did you utilize our free platform and advice in 2014?

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 Mobile Job Searching A Big Deal

Job searching on mobile increased and then increased some more, making mobile websites as important as ever.

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Conferences & Trade Shows 

You may have bumped into Staffing Robot at six — count ‘em, six  — conferences: SIA’s Executive ForumHR Tech, SIA’s Executive Forum Europe, ASA Staffing World, Healthcare Staffing Summit, and our dev guys went to the A List Apart conference.

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Changes in Facebook

Organic reach on Facebook pretty much died in 2014.




PBJ’s Fastest Growing Private Companies

Staffing Robot was the 19th fastest growing private company in Oregon and was awarded by the Portland Business Journal. SPEECH! SPEECH! SPEECH!

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Google And Your Search Results 

In 2014, Google started labeling websites in search results ‘mobile-friendly’, further chastising companies with non-responsive websites.




This Staffing Life Featured Companies

We featured a bunch of rad staffing and recruiting companies on our blog This Staffing Life: Advanced MedicalProphecy Health, CoreMedical Group, Integrated Healthcare, and more! Want to be featured in 2015 and receive a #PortlandAsPossible gift box from Tique Box? Just use the hashtag #thisstaffinglife to show us what your company has been up to.

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We decided the use of “social media ninja, rockstar or guru” as a job position title should be unfit for use in 2015.




Blogging For The Staffing Stream 

 Nicole and Karen blogged about social media for SIA’s Staffing Steam.


Just blogging with our man hands.



Twitter Tips Galore

We gave staffing companies 50 post ideas for Twitter in 2014, and are currently accepting zero excuses for why the social media platform isn’t being used.

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 Better Promoted Jobs For Staffing Companies

Jason wrote a stellar blog post about best practices for promoting jobs on your staffing website. Read the blog post.



 2014 Was The Year Of Video Content Marketing, and 2015 Should Be Too.

We made a bunch of really rad content marketing videos and we can make one for your company in 2015.



We Were Reminded That Copying Is A Sure Way To Fail

We were only slightly flattered when someone copied one of our websites this year.




We Published This Super Helpful Post On Working With Staffing Robot

Want an awesomely built and functioning website? We will do our part and we can help you do yours. Check out our blog post, “Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Staffing Company Website Redesign.”




 We Hung Out On The River!

We went on a Willamette Jetboat Excursion! It was super worth mentioning that we supported a local company AND learned more about our great city AND went really fast!





If we worked with you this year, we hope to continue to help your company suceed on the web. Cheers to another year of working with innovative companies!

If we haven’t worked together yet, what are you waiting for? 2015 can be our year to get you ahead of the competition and show you real results. Contact Staffing Robot at and get us to work for you in 2015. Contact Staffing Robot and get us to work for you in 2015. 


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