Facebook — Time To Pay MORE To Play


You have to pay even more to play. And if you’re not paying at all — things are only getting worse for you in January.

If you have a business page on Facebook you probably are aware that Organic Reach is virtually nonexistent now. In order to get your post seen by the people who have already liked your page you need to have them engage with the post but they won’t see it unless people interact with it. Feel like you are chasing your tail yet? Facebook’s answer to this? Boosting.

In order to get your company’s posts into your fans timelines you need to boost the posts. Boosting isn’t very expensive, especially in comparison to what you get. If you made sure it was good content, written well, sharable, and timely, a $20 boost could help your post be seen by tens of thousands of people.  Especially if people started engaging with it.

You’ve probably noticed that even when your company is booting posts, there seem to be less likes and less engagement. Facebook is slashing boosted post reach now too.

Last week Mark Zuckerberg said he “empathized with businesses trying to reach customers and that Facebook seriously considers product changes that “will have an impact on someone’s business.”

This is hard to believe now that boosted posts are showing a huge drop in reach, even when they have high engagement. A post boosted for a modest amount that had decent engagement numbers a few weeks ago would probably “reach” about 20,000 people. Now? You will probably see a reach of about 6-9,000. Same budget and engagement numbers, yet lower reach.

That was just last week. This week, the SF Gate reported that Facebook announced that unpaid posts by businesses will drop out of the news feed “even for big advertisers that spend millions of dollars on Facebook ads.”

The bang you get for your buck with paid Facebook advertising can still be far above other avenues but the need for a well developed strategy that is always adapting becomes more and more crucial with every new curve ball.

Contact Staffing Robot for help with social media marketing, we’ve got a polished swing when it comes to smacking Facebook’s CBs into the outfield.


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