Infographic: A Year in the Life of a Recruiter

You may know of us as the company helping staffing agencies, recruiting firms and employers succeed on the web. And that means keeping tabs on our clients.

We thought we’d share this infographic as a shoutout to all of the recruiters we work with on daily basis. We believe you’re on the phone for 54 days out of the year. But one thing we want to know more about are these Fat Vans.

If they’re as great as they sound, I’ll be riding shotty, so start revvin’.

Recruiter - day in life of

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2 thoughts on “Infographic: A Year in the Life of a Recruiter

  1. Recruiters are some of the best people persons you will ever meet! They know how to read people really quickly and figure out what makes them tick. Being able to match someone’s needs with someone else’s wants is their job and no one does it better!

  2. Really nice, guys :). You’ve really pointed out the big picture.
    I’m not a recruiter, but I share 8 hours a day with some of the very best. :)

    In the last 4 years I draw this conclusion:
    The recruiter is the wizard who brings the best people in your company, the one who knows how to do magic, tell the most convincing stories, a marketer and a sales guru.

    By the way, if interested, check out this pretty infographic focused on one single day:

    Keep up the good work :)

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