We Are Not Our Jobs: Visual Proof

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French photographer Bruno Fert shows that we are not our jobs.

When we first meet someone his or her first question is usually, “What do you do?” which more often than not literally translates to “What do you do for a living?” In the United States this tends to be proper discourse.

If you’re proud of what you do this question is probably welcomed and you go on to explain how much you love your job. But what if you have a job you’re not proud of at the moment or what if it’s a career that doesn’t define you as a person?

Hooboy! Let me tell you how hard it is to explain to people that I actually get paid to write and that I don’t just do it for funnsies. The looks of confusion! Because of this I often don’t have to get to the part where my job defines me as a person but many people are defined by their careers whether or not they like it.

Nurses can probably relate to this: your every move or life decision is under an additional filter because of your line of work.

Deep down we know we’re really not defined by our jobs even when it takes up 40+ hours of our time every week. We take pride in what we do and we live certain lifestyles based on our chosen career paths. It’s difficult to remember at times but when it comes down to it — we’re all just people. With jobs.

Here’s a nice visual reminder from French photographer Bruno Fert that we are not our jobs. 


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