The Value of Investing In Your Brand – Guest Blogger: Dan Gutierrez of Cell Staff

Our guest blogger today is Dan Gutierrez of Cell Staff. Staffing Robot recently developed a new brand, website, explainer video, and even business cards for the new company.

As a new company, it’s important to be budget conscious. However, being budget conscious to us means knowing when and where to invest your money. Often times, new companies end up spending too much money on the wrong things, and not enough on the right things. From our perspective, one of the most important investments you can make when you’re new is in your brand. If you go cheap, then you’ll come out of the gates with this face to the world. If you go big, it can have real results, immediately.

Being a new company ready to take on the entire healthcare staffing industry, Cell Staff wanted something fresh. But more importantly, Cell Staff knew they needed to invest in their brand from the very beginning and they couldn’t be more stoked or — as we like to say — more Fresh To Death. Check out what Dan has to say about it.

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Dan Guitierrez on Cell Staff’s branding and web presence:

I learned a long time ago that you can’t make a first impression twice and you can’t sell something you don’t believe in. That’s why we turned to Staffing Robot when we wanted a fresh brand and website for our new company.

My partners and I knew that we had to have a solid brand and marketing plan for our website and across all social platforms before we launched our company. We knew this and we wanted to make sure that we had a look like no other, with a brand and tagline that would attract not only clients and employees, but also a recruitment force looking to help us fuel our internal culture.

“Your company’s brand and website attracts every new graduate coming out of school because it’s new and unlike any of the other companies they have seen.”

This is just one of many positive comments we’ve received here at Cell Staff from therapists, candidates and clients.

Our candidates are always surprised and impressed by our brand, website, and overall theme because it’s ahead of where our competitors are at. We hear it all from: “Wow, I thought you have been around longer” to “I’m impressed with how clean big your company is already.”

I can guarantee you that we would have not secured the business we have already without all the work we put into how our company looks digitally. We’re immensely satisfied with the time and money we’ve invested into our brand. If you’re a new company just getting started, don’t make a mistake by thinking your brand, website and marketing aren’t worth the upfront investment.

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  1. Your website is the first (and possibly last) impression you get to make on someone. If your website looks like junk or a joke why would anyone stick around long enough to hear your explain it away? Similarly, your people (the ones actually interacting with your customers) also have a huge impact on how your brand is perceived. Do you have the right people making the right moves?

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