Facebook Creates Chatroom App Called Rooms, Trolls Rejoice

The internet is one of the only places where it’s OK to show up alone and make snarky comments. Now Facebook has created an anonymous app called Rooms where folks can enter a chatroom just like the good old days of the internet — and bring all of their snark in complete anonymity (Remember: A/S/L?).

The app allows users to create a “room” based on whatever topic they choose such as trolling. Users can sign in with a name that “makes them feel most comfortable and proud,” like SurgingFlame426.


A few things to know about Facebook’s new Rooms app:

  • It’s completely separate from Facebook and can be downloaded in the iTunes app store.
  • Users can customize the level of privacy, including whether or not Rooms’ posts can be discovered through Google or other search engines.
  •  The app created by Facebook Creative Labs is said to be ripped off from Damien Rottemberg, a developer who launched basically the same app called Room in September.
  • Without anonymity, it has the potential to be useful for group meetings or group discussions online.

What do you think? Is it an application we’ve moved past as the internet has matured? Will Rooms just be a playground for trolls? Or will it actually be helpful in some capacity?

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