Will Robot Writers Produce Content For Us in the Future?


No. Stop it. I won’t allow it. A robot will not take my job.

Robots are already writing content for us though! According to Contently, there are automated corporate earnings reports generated for the Associated Press by robots. Robots have even written articles about Fantasy Football and for Wikipedia.

So, does this mean in a few years we’ll be off the hook when it comes to creating content for our websites and I’ll be out of a job? Probably not. The future may bring robot baristas but according to Contently, there are significant limits to using a robot writer.

Robot writers fail at storytelling and thought leadership — two facets of content management crucial to any successful content marketing plan. Forget about personalizing anything for your followers because, well, it’s a robot not a human.

People often wonder if these robot writers will be able to write fictional novels. The short answer is no. Until someone finds a dataset that would enable the robot to write a novel, it likely won’t happen. It’s said that finding that dataset would probably take longer than just writing the novel. We’ll just have to hope George R. R. Martin keeps up his pace.


Compare robot writers to traditional screening software and keyword-focused cloud technology used by staffing companies. While  software is involved, humans aren’t completely replaced. The same goes for content creation. Robot writers may be able to do the work that humans don’t want to do like writing a corporate earnings report but we’re not going to have a Fembot blogging for us anytime soon.

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