Are You Using A Content Aggregator? If Not, Get On It!

If you’re anything like me, here’s how surfing the Internet used to go before I started using an aggregator to search for content.

Me: “Time to brush up on industry news!”

And then I would just end up clicking on and watching the “OMG Chipotle” kid on YouTube about 12 times before reading a super useful Buzzfeed article about how to eat donuts for every meal.


Maybe your distracted surfing is more productive than mine but either way, we’re quickly approaching billions of websites. How do we sift through all of the donut and cute kid videos without distraction? We’re glad you asked … with a news aggregator!

News aggregators are the easiest way to curate shareable information for your staffing company to post via social media or on your blog. Here are some of our favorite aggregators:


feedly is a Google Chrome extension so you must be logged into Google to use the reader. It aggregates Google Reader, Delicious,, YouTube and other sites too. I use feedly because it’s easy to create categories. If I really need my cute kid and donut content, I can have that but it’s separate from my “productive content.” The layout is easy to read and comes at you like an online magazine.


LinkedIn Pulse

You can either add Pulse to your LinkedIn news feed or download the app for any device. Select which sources display on your feed from a large list of trusted sources including LinkedIn Influencers.

Photo: Pulse.Me

Photo: Pulse.Me

Google Currents

I’m hoping the Google bots don’t come after me for saying this but the now-defunct Google Reader was beyond ugly. Like most apps Google comes out with (video, maps, a certain social media platform) they’re clunky and/or really unattractive. And then they acquire someone or start all over and then make it better, and that’s Google Currents. It’s easy to use and attractive (this time around) but the only downside is that it’s only available for download to a device such as Android, iPhone or iPad.

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