The New Apple iPhones and Your Company’s Website


Remember when the Apple brand wasn’t a symbol of class, back when it was a tad bit nerdier? We do. Whatever image transformation the brand has gone though over the years, the company has always had superior technology so it’s no surprise the world is eager to get their hands on the new Apple products.

Apple’s release of two new iPhones, the iPhone watch, and ApplePay will certainly affect staffing companies and their online presence.

How will it affect your company’s website? If we recently built a website for you or you already have a responsive website, the Apple’s new A8 processor, which is 25% faster than the iPhone 5S, is going to make transitions and animations look amazing.

Additionally, if you use Jobbee, our software that integrates with backend job and A.T.S. applications, the transitions will be lightning fast and super crisp.

If you still don’t have a mobile website, you’re past due. If you do have a mobile website, you might be worried about the announcement of the size of the new iPhones, thinking “Oh, good now I have have to rebuild my mobile website!” Well, if you built it right, you have nothing to worry about.


By building it right we mean building a ‘responsive’ website. A responsive website ‘responds’ to and fits properly in all browsers and all devices. So, if your site is truly responsive, then the increase size of the new iPhone means you have nothing to worry about. Congratulations!

If not, and you need a mobile website or need a better mobile site (perhaps you found yours on the WTF Mobile Web blog) we can help. Call Staffing Robot at 866.991.1849 or fill out our free assessment form and we’ll send over more information on our mobile design and development services

Photo of studs in Apple apparel via Daily Mail.


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