How To Not Blow It On Social Media: Part Two Featuring DiGiorno Pizza

Mistakes happen. Like when you put a frozen pizza in the oven and you get carried away watching “Criminal Minds” and burn your frozen pizza to a blackened crisp. Speaking of blunders and pizza, you may have heard of DiGiorno Pizza’s Twitter mishap.

Thanks to DiGiorno, we bring you How To Not Blow It On Social Media: Part Two.

The company accidentally used a domestic violence hashtag that began trending in response to NFL’s mishandling of Ray Rice’s domestic assault on his wife Janay Riceto to advertise its frozen pizza. Woof! Completely avoidable. Unlike tearing up the roof of your mouth after eating their pizza.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 9.06.36 AM

The company apologized promptly, exactly like they were supposed to but as we know the Internet never forgets so the damage had been done.

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How do you avoid a blunder like this? We’ve written about how not to blow it on social media and one of our biggest tips has always been to stay up to date on current events in order to gain an understanding of trending hashtags before using them.

While Twitter has mentioned they might add a feature that explains hashtags for users, the explanations would likely be for acronyms like #MCM (Man Crush Monday), leaving hashtags like #WhyIStayed still in need of definition before use.

Context is always key when it comes to hashtags. When it doubt, don’t use it.

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