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Remember back in 1995 when Ask Jeeves was The Man? Back when you could ask him anything in everyday, natural language (and if you were a nerd, still in keywords too) and he’d fetch an answer?

Sure, Google’s great and all but have you searched something like “Does SEO still matter for my company?” and you got a trillion websites, giving you one billion answers to your question?

We’ve created Ask Us Anything, a Q & A platform, so now you can think of us as your Ask Jeeves. We’ll fetch an answer either from our own brains or from trusted sources (our sources are more reliable than OK! magazine’s) on anything you might want to know: branding, site design, SEO, talent marketing, social media, robots, Portland, babies. Anything, seriously. We’re here to help, in any way possible (Insert joke about a rash here.).

You’ll find a link to Ask Us Anything at the bottom of our website and under the ‘Contact Us’ menu. Start asking away because it’s not true what they say. Advice from Staffing Robot is free.

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