You Don’t Need an App, You Need a Responsive Site

U.S. smartphone owners download zero apps in a typical month, according to Quartz. This means in a typical month users will likely be downloading ZERO staffing company apps.

This isn’t to say that apps aren’t still all the rage, especially social and gaming apps. Apple recently declared that July was the best month ever for App Store revenue with a record number of people downloading apps, but in a typical month people just aren’t downloading apps.


Totally not downloading an app.

If smartphone users are downloading zero apps in a typical month (zero zip zilch!), why would they download your staffing company’s app? There’s a much more cost effective way to appease those 86% of mobile owners using devices for job seeking and it’s not an app.

You’ve probably heard us say it before: You don’t need an app. You need a responsive website. But what does this mean?

Responsive design means the website is designed to move to fit any device, which also means you’re not paying for someone to design multiple websites or even worse, an expensive and unnecessary app.


Here at Staffing Robot, we’re mobile-first because the world has become mobile-first. We design a killer website on mobile and then carry it over to the desktop ensuring seamless navigation across devices. The best part? It all happens sans app.

Want to learn more about responsive design? Check out our website on your mobile device, then call 866.991.1849 or fill out our contact form (from your mobile device).

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