It’s Time to Start Thinking About Social Media Like a Corporation, Not a Socialite

How many “likes” on Facebook does your company have? Is that number where you want it to be? If not, don’t give up just yet. It’s time to start thinking like the big guys.

AdWeek recently posted rankings compiled by Pivotstack of the top 50 ad agencies on social media. These stats were based on the number of “likes” and followers an agency has on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, in addition to the traffic to an agency’s website. How does the ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather have over 200,000 Facebook “likes”? They could have taken the socialite approach.


Friendships aren’t priceless. But we suggest another approach.

They could have used their stacks of money to buy “likes” on Facebook or followers on Twitter (This is not something we recommend.), but we don’t think they did.

Although we haven’t confirmed this, we’re fairly positive that Ogilvy & Mather didn’t buy their friends on Facebook because we can tell their interactions on social media are sincere.

One thing we do know is that Ogilvy & Mather spent money to get where they did socially. But they spent their money in the right areas.

And this is what all of the top companies are doing. They pay a social media advisor to stay up on the latest trends and come up with a strategy for their company. They also hand over some loot to Facebook to boost posts. 

Corporations that are in the top of social media rankings for their industries no longer think of Facebook (and social media in general) as a free platform to reach followers. They’ve incorporated social media platforms into their marketing plans. And as we all know: marketing costs money.

What are we getting at? You need to reevaluate your spending on social and go about it like a corporation. Not in the socialite way, but in a way that uses social media, and especially Facebook in conjunction with the rules.

Follow Facebook’s rules even if that means spending money, and it will do wonders for your company. Stick to the old rules and you’ll be left behind.  We can help you follow the rules. Contact us today for pricing on social media advising by filling out the assessment form or calling 866.991.1849. 


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