Online Staffing Platforms, Not So Futuristic: Meet Talent Finder

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Online staffing continues to gain traction in the industry as a successful business model. Faced with this new challenge, many of our clients have reached out to us looking for a solution to stay competitive. So we delivered.

We created Talent Finder, to give you your very own online staffing platform. With Talent Finder, staffing companies can compete with other online staffing offerings by enabling clients to review more dynamic candidates before point of contact. Talent Finder also improves site SEO and increases the chances of candidates getting hired or placed on assignments.

To find talent, clients can go to your website, select a skill, profession or project type and then browse candidates. Each candidate in the platform has his or her own bio page displaying recruiter contact information.


ProHealth Staffing was the first of our clients to add the customizable Talent Finder platform to their sites (this one too), and they’re loving the ability to feature specific candidates and display bios. ProHealth customized the platform to display either the candidates’ photo or an icon, based on candidate preferences.


The most exciting part? We’re just getting started with this product, so there’s room for even more features. Here are just a few of the newest features to be added:

Talent Recommendations

Recruiters can be one step ahead of the game with the Talent Recommendations feature. Find candidate profiles that match your clients’ needs and send to them via email for review.


Talent Review

Once your staffing company has sent profiles to clients, they can give you simple, one-click feedback and comments on each candidate, letting you know if they want to interview, hire or pass on a client. Talent Review gives your clients a concise list of curated talent with the ability to comment so both parties can find the perfect fit with ease.


Performance Review

After a candidate is placed and on the job, the client can easily rate the performance of that candidate’s work. As seen below, staffing companies can request candidate feedback from clients, which is then compiled into aggregated reviews so recruiters can track progress at a glance.


Aggregated Reviews

Talent Finder gathers the details so you don’t have to. See all client reviews of a candidate and his or her average rating, all in one place. In addition to ratings see title, skills, email, phone, and recruiter information. Request ratings from clients by simply entering an email address and hitting send.


Check out all that Talent Finder has to offer or download our free ebook on getting started with your own online staffing platform. It’s not so futuristic. It’s so right now. Contact Staffing Robot at 866.991.1849 or

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