New Google Search Algorithm: Your Biz Can Rank Higher By Using G+

Remember when Google Plus launched and the Internet claimed G+ would be the next biggest thing, that it was going to take down Facebook and ultimately the world?

Then, we all signed up because we knew we should. Next, we all thought G+ would fade into obscurity like the clear beverage craze of the ’90s (Crystal Pepsi, Orbitz, and we’re counting Zima too). But it hasn’t.


Google Plus hasn’t gone anywhere but it didn’t exactly shove Facebook into a locker either. The more we’ve come to understand about the platform, the more we’ve realized Google+ really is a whole another (valuable) monster.

Dust off that G+ account because we’ve got a new reason why Google Plus matters for your company! 

Last week we heard about the new Google search algorithm that folks online are calling Pigeon (no official name yet), will give preference to local businesses over local brands, according to Search Engine Journal:

This is actually good news for small business owners who have a local, brick-and-mortar presence. For example, someone looking for pizza restaurants in Boise will now see a Google [search engine results page] that truly lists local restaurants, and the quality of the search experience is enhanced when the searcher clicks on Google Maps.

Search results that are actually local will be more prominently featured in results. So, even if you work with clients and candidates all over the nation (and even if clients don’t visit your office), you’ve still got a better chance of coming up in Google in your area over another company with mad SEO skills located on the other side of the country.

This change in Google’s algorithm can increase traffic to your company’s website BUT you have to give a little to get a little. Pop open that G+ account and start using it. Once you’ve got a verified presence on Google Plus, the data from your G+ profile has a better chance of being displayed near the top of the search engine page.

While the new algorithm change has yet to be named by Google and “search experts” are finding both advantages and disadvantages, keep up with rich content on your website and a G+ presence and it’ll only help your business appear in Google.

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