How Important is Video Content Marketing in 2014?

Our guest blogger, Megan Ritter, is an online journalist and business enthusiast. In this blog post she shares the importance of video content marketing in 2014. You guessed it. It’s very important.

If your business hasn’t started making and sharing videos online yet, now is the time to change that. After all, it is estimated that as much as 2/3rds of all consumer web traffic will be accessing online videos by 2017.

With numbers like this on the horizon, it’s clear that you should be focusing your efforts on being a part of the social video revolution. After Youtube’s recent acquisition of for $1 billion, we can safely say that video streaming sites are not a fad and they are clearly big business. In fact, one of its most popular creators earns $4 million a year from ad revenue alone.

This isn’t exactly the kind of industry that you can ignore, and the more you do, the worse off your own content marketing strategy will be. It’s time to use online videos to your advantage.

When it comes to social video, the name of the game is creativity. Nobody wants to see a traditional advertisement, and in fact many people intentionally skip traditional ads on video streaming sites. If you want to avoid being skipped over, it will be important to entertain your audience as much as possible. while providing shareable, usable content.

With the help of this great guide to online videos, you’ll discover how to reach out to new audiences and grab their attention immediately. It’s time to get in the game. Thankfully, we’ve got just the tools to help you on your way (check out the infographic below).


Megan Megan Ritter is an online journalist and business enthusiast. As an entrepreneur, her writing covers everything from start-up tips for success, to the importance of scalability and the impact of globalization. Follow her on Twitter today to see more of her writing and tips!


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