Totally Awesome and Accurate Quote About SEO

Once in a while, someone out there in the world takes your thoughts and uses words to create a sentence that becomes a beautiful quote you want to share again and again, or have made into a puppy poster for your office.

This Mashable article nails how we feel about SEO:

If you want to rank high on Google, build a good site and market it the best you know how. Just don’t expect SEO to be the answer to your traffic-related prayers because, increasingly, it won’t be.”

Check out the rest of the article for more info on the state of SEO, why SEO damps the quality of search results for the user, and more. And if you need help with SEO for your Staffing company contact us to get a free estimate.


The rules of SEO and Google are always changing. The key to staying on top is staying in touch, and good good content will get you there.


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