A Note to Social Media Rockstars, Ninjas, and Gurus

You work in social media … you are not a trained assassin, so just stop it!

Sorry to sound so harsh but unless you are under the age of 13 and playing super heroes with your cousin in a blanket fort, it is not clever, edgy or cute to call yourself any of the following: social media ninja, guru or whatever other random “expert” synonym you found on


Why am I reprimanding you for using words like guru or ninja to describe your skills in social media?

Having an actual career in social media is rough. It is a hard job that is filled with more education than execution. It is almost completely misunderstood. People honestly think we are just “on” Facebook all day or get paid to tweet. So when ridiculous words like guru, maven, ninja, rockstar, queen, princess, etc., are used on résumés or LinkedIn profiles, it only perpetuates the idea that people who work in social media are a big joke and that our profession shouldn’t be taken seriously. I’m all for having a sense of humor (a MUST in this industry) BUT we are working with client’s money and a business’ growth or death can be in the palm of our hands. So, take off your cutesy cape and act like you know that!

If someone tells you they are an expert at social media RUN and do NOT give them your money. The reason why so many of us are attracted to social media instead of traditional marketing is because of the challenge. It is EVER changing. The profession of social media is made up of intuition, pages of data, more science than you can imagine, web development, SEO, graphic design, constant observations, mistakes, psychological and sociological experiments and a little dumb luck. I would personally never profess to be an expert at any one of those things. OK, maybe at making mistakes but not the other stuff.

Ninja, expert, guru. These words imply you have a skill mastered. Social media can not be mastered.

The best social media professionals I have ever met are experts in one area, and that’s curiosity. They always want to know more about their craft, what another business is doing in social, what the latest data is, the latest trend, and more. They ask more questions than they answer and they try, and try and try some more; always hunting for that elusive magic formula. They know that their portfolio is not based on that one Facebook post that went viral but how their last three posts performed.

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