A Customer Service Lesson from Comcast and a Software Called Hively

The bad customer service call between former Engadget editor and gdgt co-founder Ryan Block and Comcast that went viral is STILL in the news. This time, Comcast is taking some of the blame for the way in which they train their specialists:

“We will review our training programs, we will refresh our manager on coaching for quality, and we will take a look at our incentives to ensure we are rewarding employees or the right behaviors. We can, and will, do better.”

Finding instances of your employees doing wrong is a cinch, especially if you’re Comcast. Just have your social media specialist show you how to log in to various social media platforms and watch the complaints roll in. The real challenge is rewarding your employees for a job well done because customers tend to contact you only when there’s a problem BUT…

“There’s an app for that!”

Well, it’s a software — and it’s called Hively — a customer satisfaction and employee reward software that we created with staffing and recruiting companies in mind. We make it super easy on those customers who might not normally respond. It just takes one click! (Clients or customers can also leave a written comment.)


This is a screenshot. Do not attempt to rate my writing skills.

We made this video explaining all of the features of Hively.

Collect feedback from your customers with this handy software. Insert this rating snippet into your email signature or really just about anywhere and The Hive will track the results for you. This makes collecting satisfaction data from your customers, and rewarding your employees as simple as ever.

 Want to learn more about Hively? Contact us here through our website or call us at 866.991.1849, we could talk about Hively all day!


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