Don’t Lose Your Modeling Contract or How to Not Blow It On Social Media

You’ve probably all heard of the 17-year-old World Cup attendee who was spotted by L’Oréal and promptly offered a modeling contract, only to have it taken away after photos of the woman’s hobby (hunting endangered animals) went viral.

This social media blunder inspired us to share a few social media tips for keeping your modeling contract aka tips for not losing clients, candidates, your job, or otherwise turning people away from following you on social media:

  •  Know your audience. Don’t offend people with Lil Bub photos if cats are highly offensive to your followers. This means really getting to know what your audience is all about. You all are cat people, right?
  • Level of appropriateness always depends on the occasion (or the company). No one wants to be the one to show up to a glamorous gala in flip flops and Tommy Bahama, and the same goes for posting on social media.

“There’s seriously no pool?”

  • Stay up to date on current events or gain an understanding of trending hashtags before using them. SPEAKING OF HOBBIES, when a hashtag like #HobbyLobby goes super viral, timing and context of the virality become more important than any other message associated with the hashtag.
    • When a misstep happens, the outcome depends on how well you deal with the mistake. Just like with bad comments or reviews online — you shouldn’t avoid social media with the fear of messing up — rather be prepared to mess up at least once or twice and have a plan of action for when it happens.

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Tom Selleck photo courtesy Lil Bub photo courtesy Wikipedia.

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