Discuss: Will The Poachable App Kill Paper Resumes?


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A new startup is about to build an app like Tinder but for the candidates and employers, according to Inc. Magazine. It’s called Poachable. If you haven’t thought of the meaning of the word “poachable” in a while, we’ll give you a moment to head over to Dictionary.com. Yikes.

Poachable will be the Tinder of the hiring world. The app will target passive candidates and then find matches by aggregating all the job listings on the Internet and filtering out the ones that don’t fit with the candidate’s specifications. Basically someone with a job is “passively” looking for a new job and “hinting” to a potential employer that they are interested in working for that employer.

Co-founder of the startup, (ex-Google and Microsoft employee) Tom Leung, says that so far, employers using the app don’t care about resumes and they’re barely glancing at LinkedIn. Leung says the problem with resumes is that there’s too much information (candidates are qualified for many positions) but with Poachable the scope can be narrowed based on the candidate’s interests and passions, and requirements.

We can think of a few problems that might arise from using an app like Tinder but we’ll leave those for another discussion. (#NSFW) For an app like Poachable, we’re thinking an advantage might be to weed out candidates based on age or even the knowledge gap in tech (kidding, that’s a pitfall depending on your industry and potentially illegal?). Additionally, a shorter vetting period could mean a shorter work relationship, you know, kind of like Tinder.

What do you think? Would you use an app like Poachable as a recruiter or as a candidate? What are some problems that could arise in the hiring process if resumes are nonexistent? Do you HATE resumes too? 

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