Build Your Brand Through Blogging, It’s Easier Than You Think


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We’ve talked about how the new Twitter layout can help your branding process and about the importance of a lasting logo design, and now we’re going to add another piece to the branding puzzle: blogging.

In addition to color, design and logo, branding is about storytelling. The best way to tell your story is through a blog or other social media platforms. Don’t worry though, it really can be as easy as you make it. And believe it or not, blogging can be FUN. Way more FUN than piling into the family hatchback for the obligatory family vacation.

Think of your content (and your story) not only as the static words on your site, but all of the content you provide on other platforms such as your blog. Content should always be evolving, just like your company. And if you’ve got great content you don’t have to worry about SEO as much. It’s also about building content around the audience’s needs rather than outwitting algorithms (SEO).  Engaging content is the goal.

Here are two sample micro bits of content with basically the same message but told two different ways:

“We’re a fun company to work with!” (followed by a stock photo)



“Today we took a jet boat excursion on the river! Happy Friday!”


The “jet boat-style” post is one that shows your candidates you’re living, breathing human beings, not robots. The office stock photo-style content tells them you’re alive, somewhere in there, plus one blog post is also way more fun to write than the other. And guess which post will be the most engaging to your followers and drive the algorithms crazy with the mention of a jet boat.

We’re always adding pieces to the puzzle, aren’t we? If you don’t have a blog or you’re thinking “WHAT! YOU WANT ME TO WRITE NOW TOO?” contact Staffing Robot today for more info on content creation and blogging, including pricing and other details.

Jetboat photo: Cozumel Water Sports

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