The 10 Hardest Working Cities in America

Does your city have bragging rights as one of the top 10 hardest working cities from this study by

Sadly, our hometown here at Staffing Robot, did not rank in the top 10 hardest working cities. Portland was ranked the 28th hardest working city though, and we’ll take it!

The data used to judge our city (and your city) was based on the U.S. census and came from data such as percentage of families with two working parents, employment rate, commute time to work, and percentage of population enrolled in school.

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Taking 28th place for workin’ hard isn’t so bad. Maybe it’s because some people really do move here to retire before age 30. A few things are true from that TV show “Portlandia”. People do spend a lot of time eating fancy pastries and doughnuts, and there’s a good amount of time spent reflecting on life over coffee and/or cocktails.

But as you’ve probably noticed there are people who work in Portland too. I might even be typing with one hand right now because I’m eating a bacon covered doughnut while I work. I’ll leave those visuals up to you.


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We have clients in the top 50 and we must say, we love working with such hard working companies, even if statistically, your hometown works harder than ours.

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