Real Recognizes Real: Why The Autopush From Facebook To Twitter Is Anti-Social

Facebook Autopush to Twitter – just STOP it!just-stop

I have gone off on this subject many times.

For those who follow me on Twitter, me losing it at the sight of is not a new occurrence. You may or may not know all the reasons that this one thing that dang near makes me come unhinged!

Why the statement: “We DO have a twitter – it’s linked to our Facebook,” makes that nervous tick under my eye come out.

So, what does it even mean to “autopush from Facebook to Twitter,” you ask?

In Facebook Settings Land, there is a box so evil that if you or your business checks it, I will hunt you down and give you one heck of an eye roll along with a very exasperated sigh, and you’re probably wondering why. First, let’s start with a few good examples and go from there.

autopush settings

What does a good business tweet look like? 
Here is an example. This photo that shows up in the Twitter timeline, tags the other business, and uses appropriate hashtags.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 10.10.15 AM

Here is a decent Facebook post from a business:


Here is what it looks like when pushed to Twitter (would you click on it?): 

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 10.35.22 AM

Obviously, it is not the best way to convey information but why is it sooooooo bad?

It seems on the surface like such a great idea, right? You can be “on The Twitter” without even trying. Whatever you put on Facebook magically appears on Twitter – simple, efficient and perfect. Nope.

Why is this the absolute worst thing you could ever do?

1. Many workplaces and networks block access to Facebook but they can’t or don’t block Twitter. So, when you tweet: 

“HOT job in Seattle. This assignment won’t last long. To apply you must…”

Your potential clients clicks on the link it will give them an error code and your placement candidate is now irritated and you have most likely lost them forever. Do you honestly think they are going to go home later, look for that tweet, find it, click on it AND we haven’t even touched on what if they are one of the few that doesn’t even HAVE a Facebook page?

2. People are on social media to be social.

Your potential customers or candidates are already distrustful of businesses on social media. Their assumption is that you are there just to get their money, business, contract etc., and to be fair – their assumption is correct!

And that’s OK! Just be aware that both sides know that. You ARE there to ultimately get something from them. But they are also there to get something from you!

The “autopush” screams: “I am only here to promote myself without any real effort, without providing value or actually interacting with people.  You become the Twitter telemarketer.

You are saying to the potential client:

“You are not worth the 30 seconds it takes to type this information directly in Twitter, say it in a way that provides the most value to you, and I certainly won’t stick around long enough to interact with you. Just be quiet, listen to my telemarketing call, and send me a check.”

The “autopush” may seem like the answer to your prayers, but in the end it’s less effective and thus less efficient.

My mantra has always been: REAL recognizes REAL.

If you want to reach REAL candidates on social media, you have to be real first. Have more questions on how to do this? Contact Staffing Robot today! 866.991.1849

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