Why Microcopy Matters For Your Staffing Company

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We see microcopy on websites every day. It’s on form fields, small pieces of instructional text or the words on a button. It’s the text on sites that help us do stuff. When you’re making an account online and the website tells you that your password must be “cAsE sEnSiTiVe,” that’s microcopy at its finest.

But why does microcopy matter for your staffing company? Or any company, for that matter?

There are two ways in which the microcopy on websites direct the user experience. One is a friendly doorman saying, “hey guys, come on in!” and the other says “Enter Here.” Why does any of this matter? It’s all a part of the user experience. Websites that take the “hey guys, come on in!” approach attract return users. And you want a lot of these return users.

Screen shot from SquareSpace.com

Screen shot from SquareSpace.com

Here are some examples of clever or helpful microcopy that completes the user experience:

Below you’ll see that for the headline above the map indicating we should select a state, Seattle Cider Company mixed up the microcopy to read “FIND US IN THE WILD.” This is not only clever, it pulls in the cider company’s branding.

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Check out Airbnb’s location field that asks “Where do you want to go?” instead of “City” or “Location.”

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Both Twitter and Apple do a stellar job using microcopy to empathize with the user, especially when something goes wrong. The user is at ease knowing Twitter will “fix it up and have things back to normal soon.”

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Here, the user is given extra advice and troubleshooting suggestions for finding the desired page.

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Microcopy photo by flickr user visual pun.ch

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