Two Websites For Finding a Job and/or Being Better at Life

We discovered something here at Staffing Robot that might just change my life. Two websites for finding a job (or being better at life). I’ve yet to execute it, but someday, someday it’s going to be a life changer. It’s the 20th exercise in the “Overwhelmed” section of 50 Ways To Get A Job That Makes Good:

“Now is the time to remove all tolerations from your life:

  1. Make a list of everything that you tolerate in your day to day life.

  2. Go through them one by one and figure out how you can remove each toleration 110%.

  3. Commit one Sunday and $150 dollars to removing every toleration from your life, and notice what happens.”

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That bicycle seat that needs to be fixed, that blazer that needs to go to the dry cleaner, all of my precious thrift store finds in the trunk of my car that need a new home, are all bogging me down? YEP. TOTALLY.

The content for this website originally grew from a book by Dev Aujla and Billy Parish called Making Good and has evolved into an interactive website that’s meant to be exercised and executed, not just read. If job seekers commit to the exercises (most all of them) they “will discover their path, find their ideal career, and get hired.” This website is ideal for anyone looking for a job or anyone who just wants to do more good in his or her life. I’ll be getting around to the 20th exercise very soon. I swear.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 9.24.21 AM

Interactive modules at Project You by Monster ask important questions to get to the source of improveable areas in your life, the idea being, “the more you understand about your life, the more you can improve it.” So much better than a self-help audio book! As you move through the interactive website and answer questions such as “Is your creativity valued at work?” or “How often do you read novels?” Your results are compared to other people. It feels a little bit like having your Sit and Reach score compared to everyone else in elemenatry school gym class but in the end your answers are turned into a graph and catergorized so you know which facets need the most improvement.

Share these interactive sites with anyone looking for a job or try them out for yourself, you may learn something you didn’t know about yourself, like that you play way less adult kickball than the average person. Kidding. You may make your life more livable and yourself more employable. 


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