Let’s Talk About Content Marketing Vs. SEO Copywriting

First: SEO Copywriting is basically dead. It is dead to you – like a friend who doesn’t watch Mad Men. DEAD TO YOU. But it’s also dead to Google.



To Google and those who are Google savvy, the term “SEO Copywriter” is equal to spam. It means taking a sentence and turning that sentence into a page of links and keywords. Google haaaaaaaates this now. And so do people. GOOGLE IS PEOPLE.

In fact, Content writing (while the new thing) may soon give way to “Storytelling” as Google basically becomes Joshua from Wargames.


Google wants to give the highest rank to websites that provide the best user experience and that means speaking the language of your audience. Does that involve important keywords? Yes, but you have to be able to include them in an organic, story driven way and this means – I’m sorry (not sorry!) – you have to hire writers. You can’t just have the person who delivers the mail to different departments do it or the receptionist (unless these people are writers on the side looking for work).

In conclusion, you want to optimize your Google ranking? Hire writers.

Hire A Writer.

Hire A Writer.

Does Your Staffing Company Need Help With Content Marketing and Storytelling? Contact Staffing Robot – we know SEO.



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