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I suppose we can’t talk about “best performing content” without first talking about SEO. Video is number one, basically because Google says so and what Google says goes. Therefore, if you want higher SEO rankings one way to do that is with videos. Staffing Robot can attest to this working, as we’ve seen the results even with our own site. The proof: When we relaunched our site earlier this year we made explainer videos for every service we offer, meaning we basically put a video on each page of our website (with some other fancy tricks). The results: Our SEO went through the roof! In talking with my coworkers though, most of us don’t prefer videos, we’re too busy!! Who’s got time to watch 3 minutes of anything, right? But this is why you should read and use data. If it was personal preference I’d never post a video, but I will now because, duh, the data told me to!

Fact: 76% of businesses are using social networking for business objectives. If I was a betting woman I’d say by the end of the year that percentage could be higher than 80%. But the one question I have and will always have until “science” figures it out is “why can’t we get more solid numbers for ROI with social media?” We here at Staffing Robot searched high and low for answers, and while we can’t get anything super definitive we got some fun facts. Here’s one: Baseball Rose (a company that makes baseball roses?) spent $200 acquiring Facebook fans, resulting in $1000 in revenue. WOW, those are great numbers! So next time you ask us, “do you think our company should promote our page on Facebook?” our answer will be, YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES, YES!






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