Hire a Staffing Robot Social Media Advisor!

You just went to a Staffing Conference and the take away…

woman breathing into a brown paper bag

You NEED a Facebook page and a Twitter account or your business will die tomorrow in a fiery crash.


What do you mean, you don’t have Pinterest?

Don’t forget; Vine, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus. You have it all right?? You know what to post, when to post it, where and how often right, you know all about edge-rank, boosted ads and promoted tweets?!? Dizzy yet?

Have a seat, stick your head between your knees and take a deep breath. Better? Okay!

Yes, social media is here to stay! But that’s not news.

Yes, it is incredibly powerful. But only if you know how to use it.

And YES, your staffing company needs to have an online presence that, very much includes social media.
<insert all sorts of scary stats here to prove this point> (or just trust us)

Design BotAt Staffing Robot, we have made it our mission to keep up with the always changing social media landscape and strive to continually learn how to leverage it for your staffing company. So whether you already have a company Facebook page or didn’t know Facebook was one word … never fear we can help. If you have tried your hand at tweeting or vowed to never use The Twitter and are convinced the words; hashtag, unfollowed and retweet are not English (FYI – spell check still agrees with you)… never fear we can help!

We will work with your team, assess where you’re at now, what needs to be created, cleaned up, fixed, etc… No matter where you are starting from and where you hope to go, we can help your staffing company get there, with clear strategies and a workable game plan.

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How do we do that? 

We’ll assign you a real live person who is dedicated to your staffing company for a block of time each week. This will be your very own social media advisor (you’re thinking Mary Poppins right?), to help with training, recommendations, account set up, content creation, blogging, email marketing, contest management, social postings and planning. We’ll also provide you with best practice guides, tips and strategies for recruiting and selling via social media. We can even come onsite for consulting, training and strategic planning to help get your marketing, sales and recruiting teams up to speed with using social media to promote your brand and services.

Once your company platforms are in good order our Social Media Advisors can take your staffing company to the next level by helping you with social listening, brand management, engagement, contest management, competitive awareness and content creation. Sounds great amiright? If so, let’s talk and help get you going.


Want even more info on having your very own social media advisor, including pricing and other details.  Contact Staffing Robot today!



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