Hapify Can Help Staffing Companies With Stress



Hey thanks Hapify, not only is your name really cute but just as I was feeling stressed, it’s like you sensed it and sent me this infographic.

Not to be a negative Nancy but I was just asking my co-worker what percent of life is awesome, we both settled on about 20% (LOL SOB) but seriously folks, these statistics make me think life isn’t so bad. And you know what? Humans are pretty impressive as a whole. 80% of people said that even when the stuff they stress out about happens, they’ve handled it better than they thought they would. That’s pretty awesome – what’s not awesome is that almost half of us have yelled at our family when stressed. Frown-y face emoticon.

Not surprising, the two most effective ways to manage stress are listening to music and working out. I suggest doing them simultaneously. Also, not to brag (TOTALLY BRAGGING) but we play music in our office all day long. I think it keeps productivity up and is a fun way to interact with coworkers! A happy employee is a successful employee.

What stresses you out at work? 40% of folks say their job is VERY stressful with 46% of the reason being workload – bummer. I guess these people can’t hire more workers? Then there’s ye ole email – almost half of you guys are annoyed by work related emails during holidays and over half are checking that phone or laptop for emails even on Christmas.

Hapify failed to mention anything about co-workers leaving dishes in the sink. I’d say that’s the biggest stressor here at Staffing Robot, but I guess they weren’t interviewing super cool urban start-ups. Also speaking of our office, another good stress reliever is hanging out with funny people, so, ya know, we’re available for friendship here at SR if you need us. And if all else fails, just get a plant for your desk, because that seems to be a catch-all for happiness. Everyone needs friends, even if those friends are non sentient beings.

And our best stress lessening advice for staffing companies? JOBBEE!

From our own site:

Jobbee is the simplest way to recruit top talent online. A mobile job board, SEO’d jobs, job alerts, social sharing and analytics, all fully integrated with your ATS. What more could you want?


So If you don’t want people to get stressed out looking for a job make sure you have Jobbee on your website! 


Now take a look at the infographic and see if it helps you chill out. It’s Friday, after all! #yolo


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